Private Consulting Days

Special Offer for Quantum Leap May 2020 Attendees: Enroll in a Private Client Day with Steve Harrison (Package A) by the End of the Meeting (Thursday, May 21st) and Get a Full Day with a Quantum Leap Coach (Package B) at No Extra Charge!

"YES, Steve - I want you and/or your team to hold my hand and focus on me for a full day! You'll work alongside me to help me solve my biggest problems and seize my biggest opportunities much faster!"

I want one-on-one time with you and/or your team. I want to go farther, FASTER! Take me under your wing and show me your best shortcuts and strategies to bring the missing pieces of my puzzle together. Show me what to do better. Show me what I don’t even realize! You will review any material I send (my book, manuscripts, marketing plans, promotions, website, etc.).

PACKAGE A – A full day with Steve Harrison in person or via Zoom, and three 30-minute follow-up phone consults over the next year

PACKAGE B – A full day with one of the coaches on Steve's team all to myself (for example: Brian on Internet Marketing & Social Media, Geoffrey on landing a TEDx talk or creating signature stories, Danette on getting on TV, Debby on getting your book written and published, Tamra on landing speaking engagements)

With either Package A or Package B, I'll have a one-hour "Planning Call" with my coach during which I can share my most important goals and needs.

Special "Take Action Now" Bonus When You Enroll
By Meeting's End On Thursday, May 21st

When I invest in my Private Consulting Day with Steve Harrison (Package A), I'll also receive Package B: a full day with one of the coaches on Steve's team. To qualify I need to enroll before the end of the Quantum Leap meeting on Thursday, May 21st.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I may cancel for any reason anytime in the next 30 days for a full refund. After 30 days I’m not eligible for a cancellation/refund but will have up to 3 years to use my Private Consulting Day(s).

Extra Bonus to Current Quantum Leap (QL) Members Only: When you enroll in Private Client Consulting Package A now, we’ll extend your QL membership one extra year so you’ll have all the benefits of a Silver member.

The benefits of Silver Level membership include rollover privileges for consultations, trainings and services you haven't yet gotten to take advantage of, as well as up to 6 half-hour consultations with a coach (or divided among more than one coach)... Admission to all Quantum Leap meetings over the next year PLUS an exclusive Quantum Leap Silver meeting focused on members' most important issues... monthly coaching calls... constructive critiques and reviews of your marketing, book, or website... plus many other perks and surprises along the way! Enroll in Private Client Consulting now