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You Can Hit Your Goals Faster
And With Less Effort

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FROM: Steve Harrison

Dear friend...

Where do you want to go next in your career as an author, expert, speaker, or entrepreneur?

Do you want to...

  • Write your first (or next) book faster than you ever expected, avoid critical mistakes and be really proud of the end product?

  • Sell a LOT more books than you are now... maybe even sit on top of some bestseller lists... so your influence and your income are growing larger?

  • Make more money from your book or expertise by finding more effective ways to monetize your work?

  • Speak in front of bigger crowds, for bigger paydays, making a bigger positive impact on more people with your message?

  • Sign up more new clients for your business, so you're establishing yourself as a true leader in your field - and send your bottom line higher all the while?

  • Appearing as a go-to guest on big TV and radio shows, so you can build a huge following of fans who look to you as the guru with goods and services they're willing to pay for?

I can help you make progress on all the above goals much faster and with less effort via my Private Client Consulting.

I'm Taking On Just Ten New Private Clients To Help Them Design And Implement A Personalized "Fast Lane" Road Map To Success

People often ask if I can consult with them to help them achieve their goals faster.

I love saying "yes" to that question because my mission is helping you achieve YOUR mission.

Of course, I've got the same 24 hours in a day and the same 365 days in a year you've got, so I can't say "yes" to everyone.

But I've taken a hard look at my calendar and realized I can carve out space for ten new private clients - that's it!

That means I'm going to work one-on-one with ten people—probably via Zoom, but in person if post-pandemic public health guidelines permit—to help them get on the fast track to reaching their most important goals.

How will it work?

If you’re one of my new private clients, I’ll work with you online for a full day to help you map out how you can make a bigger impact in less time and with less work than you ever thought possible.

Then, after our day together, we'll continue our work via three follow-up consults to help you stay on track and fine-tune your plan.

I've been helping authors, entrepreneurs and experts like you for more than 30 years now.

I've helped 15,000+ people write and publish their non-fiction books, sell more books and products, land major media coverage, score speaking engagements on big stages, build their email lists and internet presence...

I know what techniques work. I know what strategies succeed. I know how to help you make a bigger difference while making more money, efficiently and effectively.

Just Look At All The Progress We Can Make Toward Your Goals During Our Day Together...

Here are just some of the "angles of attack" we can work on in our virtual day together to give you a road map to success:

  • Identifying Your Best Market – Chances are there’s a better market for what you do – one you’ll enjoy serving and that will pay you a lot more money – right under your nose.

  • Honing Your Messaging – What specifically do you need to say to make your message so compelling more and more people are buying what you have and telling their friends about you?

  • Clarifying Your Personal Brand – What do you need to say and do to get people to know, like and trust you so they’re willing to pay you for what you have to offer?

  • Building Your Audience – You can't sell without customers. We'll work on the best ways to find them – websites, lead collection, social media – so you'll have a big list of people "pre-sold" on your book or business.

  • Getting Your Book Written and Published – Whether you’re still figuring out the best concept for your book, crafting the perfect title, finishing up the manuscript or getting it out into the world where it belongs, I’ve got proven ways to increase the odds it’ll get noticed and build your business in big ways.

  • Identifying Your Best Monetization Opportunities – If you’re not offering an in-person or online training or coaching program tied to your book or expertise, you’re missing out on a MAJOR opportunity for revenue (including lots of money you can literally earn in your sleep). We can figure out the best ways to monetize what you know and grow your income.

  • Setting Your Prices – I hear it all the time: “Steve, I just don’t know how much to charge for what I do?” Well, let’s figure it out together. Most people I talk to should be getting TWICE what they charge, but they don’t know how to do it.  I’ll show you how to take the angst out of raising your fees.

  • Creating Your Persuasive Presentation – A good book is one thing. A good presentation is another… and, truth be told, potentially even MORE powerful in terms of impact and income. Whether you want to be active on the corporate speaking circuit or deliver a first-rate TEDx talk, we can start looking at ways to shape what you know and do into a speech that'll have audiences hanging on your every word… and handing you lots of dollars.

  • Mapping Out Your Publicity Plan – Do you have publicity hooks to grab the media’s attention? Do you know how to approach TV and radio shows the right way to increase your shot at getting interviews that give you major exposure? After our day together, you will! I’m not known as “the free publicity guy” for nothing, and I’ll pull out the tips and techniques I know  will work best for you and your message.

In case you're feeling overwhelmed... Relax! You don't have to do everything!

During our day together, we'll focus on the one, two, or three things from this list that could change everything for you.

Here's Exactly What You Get As One Of My New Private Clients

Once you enroll in my Private Client Consulting, here's exactly what will happen:

  • Getting Started Call – l'll ask you to send any information you want me to look at, and then we’ll have a one-hour "Getting Started" phone call. I’ll do a lot of listening. I’ll ask you about yourself, what you want to promote, and where you want to be in a few years. We’ll identify the things you want most from our time together. I’ll give you a few next steps, and we’ll schedule a date for your Private Client Day.

  • Private Client Day – You and I will roll up our sleeves and spend an entire day working on your biggest priorities. I can work with you to create the key things you simply MUST have to make more money faster and more easily while making a greater difference in the world.

    We'll meet via Zoom or in-person in my suburban Philadelphia office, as you see fit and as public health guidelines and our individual circumstances permit.

    After our day, you’re going to have so many new ideas, I don’t want you getting overwhelmed. I’m going to make sure you know the EXACT steps to take to move your business forward and what order to take them in. You’re going to walk away with an actual Game Plan you can follow to catapult your career to the next level.

  • Three Follow-Up Phone Consultations - You can have up to three follow-up check-ins with me via phone for a half hour each anytime in the year after your Private Client Day to help  you fine-tune your plan and stay on track.

"But Steve... I'm Not Ready...
I Need To 'Get My Ducks In A Row' First"

If someone came to you and said, "I'm not ready to meet with you," do you think they would be better served to wait, or to actually meet with you and bring you into their thoughts and plans now?

I have news for you… The fact that you’re reading this letter means you’re ready to receive the success you deserve right now.

You ARE ready now.

If you're waiting until you get your book published… or your website up… or to get a few speaking gigs under your belt... you may be sabotaging your progress.

So many times people send me their books and I so wish they had seen me first, because I catch dozens of things I could have helped with. I could have given them a better title… helped make the book more mediagenic… given them hooks that would have gotten them booked on TV and radio.

I see people making mistakes they don’t know they’re making, and that’s where getting fresh eyes BEFORE you get your “ducks in a row” can help you make huge strides forward.

If, within 30 days of your order, you still decide you're not ready, you may cancel your private day with me and get a 100% refund. (No refunds after 30 days, because you've taken a day on my schedule I could have spent with another author or expert.)

But you have a full 18 months after your enrollment to use your private client day—so I hope you'll stick with this investment you're making in yourself and your career. 

I'm confident you will be glad you did!

So How Much Does My Private Client Consulting Cost?

Answer: Less than you might make from just one good idea

My consulting isn't cheap but it is a bargain because I've priced it so you could potentially make your money back with a single good idea.

Consider this: In his very first consultation with me, I showed motivational speaker Kurek Ashley how to make a few simple tweaks to his presentation. He says these simple changes resulted in over $1 million in additional revenues for him the very first year!

Now listen: Kurek's experience certainly isn’t typical, and it’s unlikely you’ll do as well. He was already doing well when I met him. In fact, since I don’t know you and your situation, I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money at all. However, his experience does show the value of a single good idea.

How much would you expect to invest for one day of my undivided attention to you and your most pressing goals? What would it be worth if I could cut two or three years off your learning curve?

$25,000? Maybe more?

Well, you’re not going to pay that much. Because this is the heart of what I do and because I’m passionate about helping people reach their fullest, most profitable potential as authors and experts… because I want to empower you to change even more people’s lives… and because I genuinely want to get to know you better as a colleague and friend... for a limited time - only until all ten spots are claimed - you can become my Private Client for as little as $9,995.

Handle your investment with one of these two options:

Get A Bonus Year in Quantum Leap For Free!

If you're a Quantum Leap member (or alumnus), when you sign up for Private Client Consulting now, you get an extra year of Quantum Leap as a Silver member (regularly a $5,000 value).

The benefits of Silver Level membership include rollover privileges for consultations, trainings and services you haven't yet gotten to take advantage of, as well as up to 6 private half-hour consultations... admission to all virtual Quantum Leap meetings, trainings, and one-day intensives in 2022 (or access to recordings if you cant' make it)... monthly coaching calls... constructive critiques and reviews of your marketing, book, or website... plus many other perks and surprises along the way! Enroll in Private Client Consulting now

AND... Get A Half-Day With One Of The Specialist Coaches On My Team At No Extra Charge When You Enroll

When you take advantage of this special offer and become one of my ten new private clients, you'll also get, at no extra charge, a half-day (four hours) with one of the expert and experienced coaches on my team! 

You could choose to work with Brian on your internet marketing plan and social media efforts... with Geoffrey on landing a TEDx talk or creating signature stories... with Danette on getting on TV... with Debby on getting your book written and published... with Tamra on landing speaking engagements...

No matter who you chose to work with, you'll get shortcuts and smart techniques that can push you even closer to your goals.

Enroll in Private Client Consulting and get four hours with one of the coaches on my team at no extra charge

Here's What To Do Next...

If you want my undivided attention to help you get to the root of the problems and issues holding back…

If you want to go farther in your business, at a faster pace then you ever have before…

If you know  working  one-on-one with me can lead to similar breakthroughs as all the others I’ve personally worked with…

If you want me to take you under your wing and personally show you the best and most effective shortcuts and strategies to bring the missing pieces of your puzzle together…

If you want me to show you what you don't even know you need…

Then you need to act fast. We’ll be scheduling people in the order they apply, so don’t delay.

And remember: I can only take on ten new private clients right now. I'd love to work this way with everyone, but I just can't.

Once all the spots are gone, they're gone... And I can't make any guarantees when I'll be able to make this opportunity available again. So click here now to enroll.

I look forward to working with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams!

Take care... and take action!

Steve Harrison

PS #1 – Don't forget: I'm only going to be working with ten private clients, and I expect all the spots will be gone soon, so if you want my personal, one-on-one help with your book or business, now is the time to act! Enroll now

PS # 2 - There are people you haven’t yet met and may never meet who need what you have to share. Let’s help you start getting it out there now before it’s too late. Click here to enroll now